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Westminster Farm Manual


        Thank you for choosing Westminster Farm as your barn family.   Westminster Farm offers English riding instruction to both children and adults.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for every rider to meet their goals in riding.  We consider the barn a training facility where every rider can progress from a beginner rider to an advanced rider.  Our program is structured to provide a natural progression as the rider progresses.  Each rider should feel they are challenged to advance to the best rider they can be within their own time frame. Westminster offers quality and experienced trainers at every level.  


       We encourage riders to test their skills at horse shows.  We offer show opportunities at both Alabama Hunter Jumper Association (AHJA) shows and at United States Equestrian Federation (A and AA) Shows.  No matter your budget, there are opportunities to enjoy the competition and fun horse shows offer.


           Every rider is unique at Westminster Farm.  Please make a point to discuss your goals, plans, and concerns with the trainers and staff.  We are here for you!   Again, thank you for choosing Westminister Farm.  We are grateful to have you as part of our family.                                             



Barn Guidelines


  1.  Helmets MUST be worn at all times when mounted.  There is NO exception to this rule.

  2. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your lesson to tack up your horse.  Please let trainer know if you will be late.  Please also allow for time to properly care for your horse and tack following each lesson.

  3. All tack must be returned neatly to your locker or trunk following each ride. 

  4. All tack trunks must be placed neatly on a stand in front of your stall, and you must have a black trunk cover for your trunk.  These may be purchased from dover.com.   If you are boarded on shed row, please contact Emmie Christie to ask where your trunk may be neatly placed in the top barn.

  5. Lockers are provided to those boarding in the Show Barn and the Front Barn.    Lockers will be provided to those boarding on shed row IF they are available.  Tall lockers are assigned according to seniority.  Please keep the “locker room” neat. 

  6. Do your part to keep the barn neat. Keep all cross ties and wash bays clean. Please dispose of any trash before leaving the barn.  We want to show pride in our barn.

  7. We ask that each owner purchase a Kustom Kritter Fitter halter for their horse/pony with the name of the horse displayed.  These halters help our grooms assure that the proper halter is returned with the horse.

  8. All riders MUST sign a waiver before riding.  This rule includes all friends and family.

  9. No one is allowed to jump at any fence height outside of a lesson, unless permission is expressly granted by a trainer.

  10. Lesson times will be posted on the Website.  Please sign up for lessons if possible.  If you ask for a lesson outside of the times provided, that lesson will be considered a private lesson.

  11. No dogs are allowed at the barn during the week, with the exception of staff.  On weekends, you may bring your dogs to the barn but they must be kept on a leash.

  12. Proper riding attire is required while inside the ring.  Helmet, boots, riding pants, and shirt tucked into pants is considered appropriate.

  13. Only one fan is allowed per stall in all barns except the show barn.  Two fans may be used in the show barn.

  14. All payments are due within 7 days of receiving a bill, including commissions.   Payments received after 7 days  will incur a $100 late payment fee.  No exceptions.  If you have concerns, please contact the office manager.  Payments may be made by check,  cash or credit card.  A lock box is provided in the show barn to deposit payments or they may be mailed to 2730 Regatta Way, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406.

  15. We welcome friends and guests to visit the barn.  Please be responsible for your guests.  Remember, horses are animals and can be unpredictable.  We want to maintain a safe and fun environment at all times.

  16. We ask that everyone park in the parking lot.  This is for the safety of our animals and children.

  17. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons.  However, please try not to distract riders or instructors.  We want to ensure that every rider receives their full lesson time.

  18.  Please ask permission BEFORE borrowing tack from the barn.  Always return tack clean and neat back where you borrowed it from.

  19. All boarders are required to have a signed contract on file. 

  20. All transportation of horses by Westminister or by an outside shipper may be paid in advance or can be billed to your account.  Transportation that is billed will incur a $20 service charge in addition to the transportation charge.

  21. Farrier charges may be paid in advance.  If Westminister pays for your farrier charge, you will be charged an additional $10 service charge.

  22. We will attempt to contact you in the event your horse needs to see the vet.  In emergency situation, we reserve the right to call the vet.  Meds administered by the barn will incur a $5 service charge.

  23. If you plan to attend a show, please sign up on the sheets provided in the front barn by the date provided.  If you sign up after the date noted, you will incur a late fee from the show and an additional $10 charge from Westminister.  A lot of preparation and time is spent by staff to assure all entries are entered in a timely manner to avoid a late fee for you.   If you scratch your entry at any time after it is entered, you will be charged for the stall and any fees charged by the show office.  We will make every effort to fill the stall for you, but if we are unable to do so you are responsible for the charge.

New Board Rates Beginning January 2022

Shed Row:

Training Package: $1045 - Includes 8 rides (group lessons or training rides) per month, all worming, all vet setup and holds, and arranging of farrier visits. Turnout 5 days a week. Blanketing 7 days a week in season. Fly spray system in season. Basic grooming supplies provided. Owner provides their own pads and laundry service. Locker and trunk only if space available.


Shed Row Board alone: $745— includes all worming, all vet set up and holds and arranging farrier visits. Turnout 5 days a week. Blanketing 7 days a week in season. Basic Grooming Supplies provided.


Main Barn:


Training Package: $1095 - Same as above but locker guaranteed. Trunk also by stall.


Board alone:

$795— Same as above


Show Barn:


Training Package

$1225 - Same as above but guaranteed locker and trunk by stall.


Board alone: -



All Inclusive Packages: THREE MONTH COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED: Board (see above), Lessons, Rides, Body Clipping, Face and Leg Trim, Mane Pull, Set up fee at show, Training at Show, Care at Show, Holding for Appointments, Lunging, Administering Meds, Wormer, Wrapping and Rehabilitation hand walking Note: Show rides are NO longer included


Shed Row: $1775

Main Barn: $1825

Show Barn: $1925

Assessment First Ride: $75

Group Lessons Beginner/Intermediate with Barn horse: $70

Lesson advanced group: $70

Beginner/Advanced Package Using Barn Horse (4 Lessons to be used during the calendar month): $275

Beginner/Advanced Package Using Barn Horse (8 Lessons to be used during the calendar month): $500

Private When Available: $85


All trainers at Westminster are qualified to train the riders they train. We assure that each lesson is appropriate for the rider. Our main concern is the safety and enjoyment of the rider! To assure safety, beginner lessons will always have a lower trainer/rider ratio. You are always encouraged to talk to trainers and staff regarding the progression of your rider. Actually, we encourage this communication. It benefits the rider and the trainers. There is a natural progression from beginner to advanced. Please understand that the advanced trainers, Reid and Ashley, will have larger lessons with larger jumps and more difficult exercises. Trainers will post all lessons on our website by Sunday preceding the training week.



1-4 Horses to a show: $1.15 a mile 5-7 Horses: $1.05 a mile 8 plus - 95 cents a mile


Show Cost:

Set Up Venue: $50 Training per day: $80 per day Care Per Day at Show: $60 per day



Body Clipping: $175.00 Face/Legs Clipping: $40.00 Mane Pull: $40.00 Hand Walks: $15.00 Leg Wraps: $10.00


Extra $10 per day for Training, Set-Up and Care for all Self-Ships Medications billed per med chart Late Sign-Ups after posted times for shows: $50 plus show charge Split per horse: Billed at cost divided per horse



**NOTE: If bills are not paid for previous month you will not be allowed to receive any lessons, rides, or travel to shows until account is paid in full.**



Westminster Farm will make no refunds except as stipulated herein.  


All Board and Lesson Packages are invoiced on the first day of every month.  Invoices are due in advance of the 7th of each month.  Payments not received by the 7th of each month will incur a late fee of $100.  


All Board and Lesson Packages are nonrefundable.  Customers under a Boarding Contract must give Westminster Farm a thirty day notice of their intention to depart the barn.  Board will continue to be assessed until notice is received by FARM.  Board will be prorated to reflect the thirty day notice period. Prepaid board will be refunded less the amount to cover the thirty day notice period.  


All Commission assessed as a result of the sale, lease, or lease to purchase of an equine is nonrefundable.