Westminster Farm Customer Privacy Policy



We respect your privacy, and take great care to safeguard information in our possession. Your preferences for use of your information are our highest priority.


Westminster Farm takes seriously the protection and proper use of your personal information, including social security numbers and credit card policies.  Westminster Farm does not share customer information (including email addresses, credit or debit card numbers, or phone numbers) with any outside entity.  We may also disclose information when you tell us to do so, to identify or contact you, but only with your permission, or as required or permitted by law.


Even with this restricted access to your information, such information is only given  to those individuals who need it to provide you with products or services provided by Westminster Farm.  Any third-party companies we use to provide you with products or services are required to keep your information secure and confidential.   To that extent all officers, employees, and subcontractors are bound by a mutual non-disclosure policy. 


Westminster Farm is happy to provide further details of our privacy policies.